Fundamentals of Concrete Flooring

Fundamentals of Concrete Flooring

The concrete used as a material for flooring is an interesting choice that gives a contemporary vibe. Concrete flooring has both good sides and bad sides just like any other materials.

Let’s check out what concrete flooring has upsides and downsides.

Concrete flooring thumbs up for:


This material is difficult to damage as concrete flooring is durable and tough. With concrete flooring, it’s just nearly impossible to damage so no worries about things like using high heels at homes, pet claws that may scratch the floor or pointed furniture legs that can damage the surface.

Eco-friendly Material

The concrete subfloor already lies underneath another flooring material in most instances and all that needs to execute is uninstalling anything that was rested on it making the concrete flooring an eco-friendly option. Learn more how to choose flooring for your eco-friendly building. 

Fundamentals of Concrete Flooring

Simple Maintenance

Littlest maintenance is what concrete flooring requires. A mere sealing or waxing (3-9 months the least) and using a bland cleaning agent occasionally. To maintain concrete flooring is incomparable to what wooden floors need.

Long Lasting

Concrete flooring can basically last indefinitely if properly taken care of and continuous maintenance is followed. To protect its surface and to ensure a raw look, just make sure waxing and sealing are followed every few months.

Flexibility in Design

All that’s must be done is installed the new flooring over it if in case you choose for concrete flooring temporarily but then deciding you wanted something else in the future. This way, concrete gives more flexibility in selecting the design because you begin to work with a very functional surface.

In addition, concrete flooring comes in different color hues and character effects, not limited to the gray form which is customarily what’s likely imagined.

Concrete flooring thumbs down for:

A very solid surface

Concrete can also give problem because it is such a strong and durable material. You’ll most likely get hurt if you trip and fall or if something falls off like glass or something breakable, it sure will break.

Less Comfort

Standing on concrete for long periods of time can be unbearable with its hard surface. This slight problem can be resolved by placing rugs or carpets in the area.

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